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Clever idea!

This is such a great podcast. Especially when we’re all looking at so many screens these days. I like the simplicity of it and yet it also challenges your mind with the way these stories have been written. Great job!

Kels Kathryn

An amazing resource
for families!

My daughter literally runs to bed so she can listen Sir Bradley Hasse!! It is a wonderful resource!! The quality and content are great! I love the words he has the kids listen for throughout the story and the richness of the vocabulary! 

Colleen McAteer

My kids loved
these stories

Thanks for the well told stories. We just listened to the first three. Can’t wait to hear more.

leah k k

Great stories for kids!

Such a good podcast!

Thanks for bringing these stories to life!


Great for kids!

My Kids are surprisingly attentive to these stories! The voices are great and engaging and I love the morals coming from these old fairy tales! Bravo!


"Thank you for creating wonder and imagination"

The Junior Classics podcast is a phenomenal time of learning, entertainment, and sweet family time. We have 4 boys and they love listening to Sir Bradley deliver these classic literature stories that my husband and I grew up reading. It brings back memories for us and allows us to relive these with our boys. The excitement, the life lessons, and conversations afterwards are a great treasure to us. Thank you Junior Classics for creating wonder and imagination back into our boys' generation.

Megan Thompson


What a clever idea for a podcast! Our 4 kids love stories and they love reading — the Jr. Classics are a fantastic addition to our steady rotation. The podcast is well done with good audio quality and well-paced, dramatic readings. Killer intro too! I highly recommend this podcast to your family.

Sir Anthony Sorci

Well Done!

Enjoyed listening, brings me back to my own childhood. Well thought out idea and concept, and I don’t even have kids!

Matty Wayne


Our kids need to hear the classics. Brad brings an amazing twist to the stories we all know and love. Thank you for doing this!

Chad Mast

Very well done!

A great help to inspire kids and adults alike!

Ben & Mary Andrews

A blast from the past!

Love these stories! Such an amazing lost (and now found) compilation of tales! Your kids are going to love these!

scott blue

I love Junior Classics Podcast!

I am a Mom to a beautiful little girl, and I always make sure that I am feeding her little mind with quality content. Junior Classics offers just that. I love how Junior Classics inspires listeners to get into the story and think! We find it to be such a fun and easy way to promote active listening and cognitive thinking in my daughter’s brain. The podcast is not only for the children though, our entire family loves to listen. I highly recommend Junior Classics to every family that prioritizes their children’s mental health and education.

Shay Halloran

We love the Junior Classics Podcast!

I love that my kids are hearing stories with a lesson attached! They’re also building their vocabularies. Sir Bradley Hasse does a great job of taking time before the story to explain the context of the story as well as any vocabulary words that they might not know. I know I’ve learned a lot listening and the kids are enraptured when we turn it on! It’s great to see them enthralled with something other than a screen! Thanks Junior Classics! Keep up the great work!

Jill Matthews

What a great idea!

I just found out about this podcast and think it’s a fantastic idea. Let’s fill the minds of our children with the greatest literature available... not just the newest.


Lost and Found!

I love the lost and found words at the beginning! I like the blend of story telling and also encouraging our children to apply the morals to their own experiences. It’s all so great! Thank you for sharing the fun!


"Simple yet profound Life Lessons"

Listening to Junior Classics Podcast helps develop ones own imagination. Visualizing characters, emotions, events and landscapes in your own thoughts and mind. Lost and Found words are a great addition to the stories.
Sharing these simple yet profound
Life Lessons are a positive way to
teach and train our children and grandchildren. Be Brave, Be Loyal and Speak the Truth. 

Wayne & Diane Hasse

A great resource for a love of literacy

Our family loves The Junior Classics Podcast. My kids always enjoy listening to Sir Bradley Hasse, and I love that they’re gaining a true love of literacy. We read many books in our home each day, but it’s always exciting for the kids to get to listen to someone else read to them besides mom or dad. As a homeschool family this is a resource we absolutely adore. We love this podcast, and I am so thankful for the work they put in to make it happen each week! The values being taught are so important, and because they're learned through stories I truly believe they will stick with my children for a lifetime.


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